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29th october - roxy bar and cinema - with q&a session

the socpa film is being shown again as part of a season of monday night screenings on the theme of political violence at the 'roxy bar and cinema' 128-132 borough high street, london (

the date for the socpa movie is 29th october at 8pm

the nights are being put together by patrick hazard from pocket visions (
they also run the 'london international documentary film festival' each spring

given today's raid on brian's peace camp this will be the first chance to let people know what the latest developments are

i'll be holding a q & a session with a panel after the screening and am pleased to announce two very special guests. we have barbara tucker, who has been carrying on her one-woman peace protest for nearly two years now. she has been subjected to more than a hundred reportings by the police, as well as numerous arrests, arbitrary detentions, and assaults. all she has ever done is wear a large pink banner highlighting the genocide of innocents in iraq and afghanistan. for this she has received endless harassment and abuse from the authorities. also on the panel will be mark barrett, who was arrested under socpa legislation while holding one of the sunday afternoon campaigning picnics in the square. that particular afternoon the campaigners were holding a special banner-making workshop, but were not actually protesting. however, mark now has a criminal record.

there is food and drink at the venue and entrance is free of charge with comfy seats

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MB said...

I am at Nottingham University and I wondered if we could get hold of a copy of 'Socpa- the movie' to show at one of our weekly alternative film screenings. Could we get a hard copy of it?
cheers Matthew