socpa movie trailer


south london screening tuesday 18th sept

thursday's screening as posted here has now been postponed to tuesday next week the 18th september.
the evening starts at 7pm with films at 7.30 at this comfortable peckham venue.
entrance is free/donation.
the evening will comprise the socpa film, plus "surplus (terrorised into being consumers)" and other short films and animations.
for further information, please call or text 07856457756 or email me at contact on the right


oddshoes said...

Is there a DVD available, or is there any plans to have a screening in Glasgow or Edinburgh ?

rikki said...

no DVD yet - coming later, but if you can suggest any places for screenings in scotland, and can get it together, i'm happy to assist and provide a screener copy. my contact details are on the right

mike cupcake said...

First time I'd seen this, well done on a lovely edit - informative and fun!

I'd like to show it in the Groovy Movie solar-powered cinema at some point (although Elefest this weekend is our last gig of the season, so it may be next year!) would that be alright?

mike cupcake

rikki said...

thanks mike
as mentioned to "oddshoes" above, feel free to contact me and we can arrange this. my email details are on the right of the main page. obviously subtitute the words 'at' and 'dot' with the usual email address format.