socpa movie trailer


15th july sunday @ 13:00 prince charles cinema

there's a public cinema screening on sunday 15th at 1pm followed by a question and answer session with the film-maker and other invited guests to be confirmed.

tickets are £4.50 (£3.00 members)

the prince charles cinema
7 leicester place

020 74377003

box office number (25p booking charge) 0870 811 2559

cinema website


Tom said...

Id be more than happy to set up a showing of this in Exeter. Let me know if your interested tomfiction at mail dot com

Jon Grant, 東京 said...

Have you got a trailer? why not post your contact email address and put up some photos of the film etc?

Michael said...

Good luck with Sunday. Have you thought about putting a trailer on YouTube and posting a synopsis on your blog?

rikki said...

trailer coming very soon - 3.5 minutes long - just need to upload it.

synopsis? well, the description's there - not a lot to add really.

rikki said...

well, thanks for the suggestions - as you can see, the trailer's here now.